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The Software that will help you do the job you want quickly and effectively.

                 Statistics and Video Analyses with few clicks                                                                      Manage the videos in real-time

        "Is an immediate response            "Ideal for analysis and study,perfect for                                 "The DVR function allows you to watch again
to my coaching needs"          
completeness and amounts of data and images                                     and again not to miss an action"
(Marco Mencarelli, Head                          and fundamental aspect, exceptional for                              (Matteo Carancini, Scoutman Lube Treia Volley) 
Unendo Busto Arzizio)                          clarity and ease of use"
                                                 (Massimo Barbolini, Head Coach Eczacibasi Istanbul).                                                                  
        "An indispensable software for analyzing, 
             studying and competing at a high level
        (Davide Mazzanti, Head Coach Imoco Conegliano)
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