Download and Installation

Step 1: Download the setup file of desidered software and decompress it on the desktop

Step 2: Launch the Setup

Step 3: During the installation the Setup will ask if you already have the license file (regVS.txt for Volleystudio, regXS.txt for XStreaming).

If you have the license file press “Yes” and go to Step 4, otherwise press “No”.

Type your email address and press the button “Request”. The setup will be close and an email will be send with the license an attachment

Step 4: When you have the license file launch the Setup and answer “Yes” when the Setup will ask the license. A dialog window will appear and you have to select the license file.

Step 5: Choose the dark or light interface (only VolleyStudio).

The installation will be terminated.

Download Volleystudio v2

Download XStreaming v2