VolleyStudio world


VolleystudioPlayer is the App for Android and iOS mobile devices that allow you to view the montages created by VolleyStudio. When the montage is available, a notification will notify the user that they can download the video from the cloud or directly from the computer that created the montage. VolleystudioPlayer has all the video controls but it is not a simple movieplayer, in fact in addition to the video it shows the table of actions and the details of the score and the game. You can also filter and mark the action of interest. The app is free and it’s available on   and 


VSClip is the player for Windows or MAC computers to view the montages created by VolleyStudio. Videos can be downloaded from the cloud or copied directly from an external drive. Thanks to the table of actions and video controls you can moving across the video. VSClip is a standalone software and can be used by anyone without any additional licenses. VSClip can be downloaded from the private area.


You can share scout data during the match and send them on any device (computer, tablet, smartphone) that supports a Web Browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozzilla, etc.). You can see: general statistics by rotation, hitting directions of each player and setter distribution . Coaches can compare actual setter distribution to the one that has been studied pre-game in real-time. Analysis can be done for the home team and the opponent. The Web server can be downloaded from the private area.


If during the race you want more than just statistics, VolleystudioClient will allow you to view not only the statistics and analysis but also the real-time video of the match and you can use the DVR function (the possibility to stop and rewind the video). Clients can communicate with each other, they can share comments and others informations. These informations remain stored on the device. For example, you can show them to coaches or players during the time-out. VolleystudioClient is an App for Android and iOS mobile devices and also a standalone software for Windows. As the other tools, no additional licenses or purchases are required. VolleystudioClient is currently under development.