VolleyStudio is the software created to produce a “match analysis” in a quick and intuitive way, it allow you to built in a few click the analysis that you looking for. You can save time and resources thanks to the ease of use: using the button selectors it is very easy to switch from one analysis to another and immediately check how the distribution changes in the various game situations.



Having a target model is very important to modulate your goals and understand where the strengths and weaknesses are. The COMPARE mode allows you to compare one or more teams on all aspects, both from a statistical and image point of view.


For a correct understanding of statistics, it is essential to get the images of what it is been studied. VolleyStudio allows associating data to images by pressing one single key and without having to add any other code or commands. This feature in fact allows having a visual confirmation of the data analyzed.


In order to create complex analyses most software require to set specific codes and parameters making. The presence of the scoutman or anyone having deep knowledge of scouting is absolutely necessary. Using VolleyStudio, once the scout has been uploaded into the database, any coach can make complex analyses with a few clicks.

The VolleyStudio world…


The dedicated cloud of VolleyStudio allows you to send video montages to the App VolleystudioPlayer and VSClip. You will make video analysis available to all members of your team. The App will notify you of the presence of a new video available; it has all video controls, action table for easier moving across the video, shows all information such as score, players names, type of attacks, etc. In the case of a long montage it is also possible to apply filters and see the images of greatest interest.


The scout mode allows you to create a new scout and to correct an existing scout. With the “Video” function it is possible to open a video stream and with the DVR function you can record the film in real time, pause and review it. You can easily insert a lot of adding data like reception system, blockers up and other ones thanks to many settings and automatic controls of the compiler. In addition to the standard report of the statistics, you can customize the match report with many other analyses.
Thanks to the Client function, you can connect the computer in the bench to the scout computer and exploit all the statistic and video analyses during the match.


Custom Analyses provide the possibility to recall specific circumstances. Filters can act on over 20 aspects of each action, from the type of serve, to the technique used in reception, the setter call and the setter position or ask to see how a player behaves after he has been blocked or has made an attack mistake and other more. After having created the analysis, coaches can watch the related video containing all relevant actions, mark the most relevant ones and create highlight videos or keep them in evidence to recall them during video meetings.


All the statistics can be filtered at you want with the same method of filtering the actions in order to obtain specific numerical analyzes. We find the general skills dictation, a detailed study of the attack combinations and all the win point indices (volumes) for each skill. In this section we also find a detail for the attack, serve and reception directions. The efficiency of the reception based on the zone and type of the service.


Selecting one or more games already uploaded into the database, coaches can see in a comprehensive scheme the initial line-ups of the opponent taking into account whether the team serves or receives, the substitutions made and the score when those substitutions took place. The scheme will also show the percentage of the match played by every single player. This information, presented in an easy-reading format will allow coaches to quickly understand how a team sets up its starting rotation and therefore help the coaching staff decide the appropriate starting line-up and rotation.


This analysis shows you the distribution strategy during the games and the whole match. By analyzing many matches, you can understand the “philosophy” of distribution of the team. You can see for each action: the attack combination, the grade and the zone of reception, the setter call, the setter position. By activating the different options, you can also analize the attack direction and the opponent block row.


The MatchUp function shows how a team line-up “fits” with its opponent’s while looking at the side-out and transition stats. This way coaches can identify strengths and weaknesses of each possible combination. Clicking one single key, the analysis switches the rotations to analyze the sequence during side-out or break-point phase.


This section shows the trends of the skills over time both by team and by player. You can see graphically the trend of the values ​​of positivity, efficiency and quantity of errors refeers to the skill of the Serve, Reception, FBSO and Transition attack. You can set as temporal base: MATCHES, GAMES or POINTS. By change the teamporal base you can evaluate the trend across the all match or just in the game. By selecting the individual player, it is also shown pencentually the zone of the field where the player in the lineup is, the percentage of the game played and the habits of the setter in serving him the ball.


In order to have the maximum freedom to create reports, it is possible to insert the data processed by VolleyStudio analyzes on Excel® spreadsheets. The ability to create customized reports becomes almost unlimited. Once the model / mask has been created, it will be sufficient to set, through VolleyStudio, the cells where the data or graphics will be inserted; then all data will placed automatically in the spreadsheet. Later you can add or edit any item on the sheet.

(Excel® is not provided with VolleyStudio)


Volleystudio has a lot of summary and detailed reports ready to be printed such as the setter distribution analysis or the side-out baseline. The system also allows the user to create different detailed reports with the Custom Reports feature. This way coaches can select the most relevant analyses and print them in the preferred format. Custom Reports can be saved and recalled in the future so that they do not need to be created each time.

  • Minimum configuration required to work with Volleystudio v2:

Intel® i3 or equivalent AMD®


graphics card with minimum resolution 1366×768

PC Desktop o Laptop

Windows® 7

Internet connection

  • Recommended configuration to work with Volleystudio v2:

Intel® i7 (raccomanded 8 core or more) or equivalent AMD®


SSD 512 GB o higher

graphics card with resolution 1920×1024 o higher

graphics hardware accelerator with dedicated 4 GB RAM or higher

PC Desktop o Laptop

Windows® 10

Internet connection with minimum upload bandwith of 3 MBit/sec (if you want share the video montage by the cloud).

Tested for compatibility with Windows ® emulation software on MAC