XStreaming will solve all needs for video management in real time. The software allows to send and view video on streaming and move along a film while simultaneously capturing new images. Coaches will not need to recompress the video on the camera after the game, so no more time wasted!

Xstreaming Scheme


XStreaming has been developed to manage video during a match but also for having real-time input during practices. Coaches can define how many delay seconds between actions and they can also pause and rewind immediately.
XStreaming can send video streaming to others devices while capturing images on the computer.


XStreaming was designed to be extremely versatile. Images can be captured from any DirectShow source like webcam or capture card. Images can also be received from video streaming in any format and encapsulation.
The incoming images can be recorded on a computer in compressed format (mp4, avi, etc…), transmitted by streaming or displayed in the monitor even with a delay.

EMMEAX CLIENT (available soon)

The EMMEAXClient app is available for free in the Apple store and Play store, allows you to connect directly to XStreaming in order to reproduce the video trasmitted by XStreaming and you can use the DVR function on your mobile device. EMMEAXClient can act as XStreaming ‘remote’ (when the DVR is active) in order to control the video by the mobile device, you can also draw some figure (like line) in video overlay always by your mobile device.


1. DVR
After activating this function the user has the possibility of moving into the movie, pausing and playing frame by frame, all without stopping the recording.

2. Streaming
This function allows the user to send the video in http streaming through the lan. The software lets choose the quality and bandwidth of trasmission.

3. Capture
This function allows to capture and automatically compresses video. It can be selected the video codec for compression, the quality of capture.


Minimum configuration required to work with XStreaming:

Windows® 8.1

RAM Memory 4 GB

Required free disk space at least 4 GB

Pc Desktop or Laptop

Recommended configuration to work with XStreaming:

Windows® 10.

RAM Memory RAM 8 GB

Required free disk space at least 4 GB (adviced SSD)

Video resolution at least 1920×1080

Video Card NVIDIA® or AMD®

Pc Desktop or Laptop


Tested for compatibility with Windows ® emulation software on MAC

XStreaming function Window


XStreaming in trasmission